From Power Struggles to Empowered Connection

8-Week Coaching Program Edition

Having taken many parenting courses, this has stood out. It was practical and poignant. One of the most effective courses I have taken on improving my relationships with my children.
- Alisa C.

Have power struggles come to define your relationship with your child?

Are you feeling worn out and powerless?

Have you tried to change your child's behavior and found the power struggles only get worse?

Are you at the brink of throwing your hands up in defeat?

Power Struggles DO NOT have to define who you are as a parent or your relationship with your child.

You can take steps to prevent them, and this course will show you how!

Stop focusing on changing your child's behavior, this will only create more of what you do not want.

It's time to change the pattern of power struggles and replace it with connection.

It's time to stop the cycle by throwing out the old game plan and trying something new!

Let's work together to create a plan that fits your unique situation.

You can do this!

Why Choose This Course?

I really enjoyed this course.  It helped open up my eyes to different options that worked phenomenally with my son.  We have been having power struggle problems for 2 + years now.  I believe that this course has really helped me grow as a parent and also become more understanding and forgiving as a mom.
- Jennifer W.

Proactive and Positive

Power Struggles come when we parent reactively.  This course and your coaching sessions will utilize proactive and positive parenting skills to change the game and help prevent power struggles before they have a chance to even start!

Powerful and Insightful

You are not going to just learn about parenting tools, you will change the way you see yourself as a parent and the your relationship with your child from your sessions and the course content.  With insight comes knowledge on what to do!

Individualized Plan

You get 8-weeks of coaching to help you take the content and apply it to your unique situation.  Set your goals and let's work together to overcome obstacles and empower your relationships with your children!

Want to Meet Your Coach?

Schedule a no-charge call to talk with your coach to find out if this program is a fit for you!
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Course Curriculum

What Can This Course
Do For Me?

"This course helps parents access their potential to not just survive parenting, but to thrive.  The course and workbook invite them to find powerful resources within themselves, and transform those into the family life that they want to have.  I recommend it, regardless of where you see yourself in your ability to handle the conflict that comes with parenting."

Austin B.
Marriage and Family Therapist

Course Creator

Andrew Chris

I founded The Life Empowerment Organization to help people find joy and adventure in their life's journey.  My passion centers on helping empower others by strengthening 3 core relationships in their lives:  the relationship they have with themselves, their partner, and their children.  With years of experience in Couple and Family Therapy, Mental Health Counseling, Parent Curriculum Facilitator, Certified Life Coaching, Residential Treatment Program Manager, Family Case Manager, and Head Start Preschool Teacher, my approach is unique and created from working with thousands of unique individuals, situations, and relationships.  I want to help you connect with your strengths, strengthen your relationships, and take on your life's journey in a whole new way!  Time to empower your journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with my purchase?

You receive course-lifetime access to the content, a printable or fillable course workbook, 8 sessions of parent coaching with 1 session a week, and other exercises and helpful tips!
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How do I schedule my first session?

All sessions are done via web conferencing, so you never need to leave your home!  Once you have purchased your coaching program, you will be provided with a link to schedule your first session on the "Thank You" page.  You will also receive a welcome email that will have the link.  If you do not see the link or do not receive the email, you can contact us via email at

I'm interested but not entirely certain if I'm ready, what can I do?

This is a big decision and we want to make sure it is the right one for you!  To help you out, schedule a no-charge call to meet your coach, discuss any questions you have, and see if this program is a fit.  You can schedule that call by clicking here!

Time To Break The Power Struggle Pattern and Strengthen Your Relationship!

The thing that helped me most about this course was to slow down and look for solutions.  Instead of standing my ground, digging in, I literally switch my mindset to what is the common ground and what is a suggestion we could both be happy with.  This has allowed for opportunities to move on and let go of tense situations for us.

Phillip Y.

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