Empowered Us: Turning the Spark into a Bonfire

14-Week Couple Coaching Program

How to Work as a Team to Build an Enduring and Empowered Relationship!

How difficult is it when you and your partner can’t seem to connect?

What is it like when each of you try to communicate and the message isn’t getting through?

What happens when you become competition to each other instead of a team during conflict?

How strong is the connection you share? How strong do you want it to be?

Now, picture what will happen if nothing changes in the next few months, year, or even years.

What do you see?

How much does the distance increase?

Are you meeting each other's needs or feeling alone, even when sitting next to each other?

Are you a powerful couple or just a couple of roommates?

Is there hope for a different path?

Is there a way to re-light the fire?

There are solutions, and this program is a powerful one!

When you work as a team:

- Communication flows smoother and actually gets things done
- Conflict becomes manageable
- You will feel a deeper connection and commitment to one another
- The sex is amazing!
- You willingly start meeting one another’s needs while sharing your desires and hopes
- You work together to achieve your goals

Your relationship has a purpose and a vision; now it's time to work together to take you in that direction!

If you want to reach that level, it’s up to you and your partner.

The path to an enduring and empowered relationship is yours to choose.

It is an investment of effort with a payout of a powerful, lasting, and meaningful relationship.

Ready to take your relationship to the Empowered Level?

Your New Gameplan!

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Andrew Chris

I founded The Life Empowerment Organization to help people find joy and adventure in their life's journey.  My passion centers on helping empower others by strengthening 3 core relationships in their lives:  the relationship they have with themselves, their partner, and their children.  

With years of experience in Couple and Family Therapy, Mental Health Counseling, Parent Curriculum Facilitator, Certified Life Coaching, Residential Treatment Program Manager, Family Case Manager, and Head Start Preschool Teacher, my approach is unique and created from working with thousands of unique people, situations, and relationships.  

I want to help you connect with your strengths, boost your relationships, and take on your life's journey in a whole new way!

Time to empower your journey!

Your Investment