Calming the Storm

The 10-Day Email Parenting Class That Keeps You From Blowing Your Top!

What's This Course All About?

  It's hard keeping your cool as a parent sometimes, which makes it difficult not to:
         -  Yell

         -  React

         -  Scream

         -  Have your own tantrum

  Try out our 10-day email parenting class on Calming the Storm.

  Learn techniques to keep you level-headed so you can keep knocking it out of the park as a parent.

  Each day you will receive:

         -  Powerful info

         -  Tools and tips

         -  A Daily challenge

  It's time to Calm the Storm!

What Will I Learn?

Delivered to Your Email

All course content will be delivered to your email without you having to do anything extra after signing up!

No Cost, No Strings

This course is available to all parents at no cost.  All you need to do is register and check your email!

Andrew Chris

I founded The Life Empowerment Organization to help people find joy and adventure in their life's journey.  My passion centers on helping empower others by strengthening 3 core relationships in their lives:  the relationship they have with themselves, their partner, and their children.  

With years of experience in Couple and Family Therapy, Mental Health Counseling, Parent Curriculum Facilitator, Certified Life Coaching, Residential Treatment Program Manager, Family Case Manager, and Head Start Preschool Teacher, my approach is unique and created from working with thousands of unique people, situations, and relationships.  

I want to help you connect with your strengths, boost your relationships, and take on your life's journey in a whole new way!

Time to empower your journey!